The course, taught by architect, artisan and luthier Lucas Caracik, is aimed at those interested in handcrafts, woodwork and musical instruments. With fluid dynamics between lectures and mostly practical classes, the student will build a electric guitar or bass by blending theory, the use of various tools and materials, and practice in each of the processes. It will be 5 days of hard work in the workshop so that the immersion experience is as reliable as possible in relation to the luthier's reality. At the end of the course the student will be prepared to build instruments, perform adjustments and repairs. Finally, in addition to the instrument built, the student will receive a certificate with the workload and the signature of the master builder.

5 Days Guitar Building Course

  • The course may be relocated to another date only once within 1 year of payment. There is no money back.

  • To schedule just send me an e-mail - or whatsapp + 5511 987929260